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Finance & Banking

Next-Gen Digital Platform for an Illiquid Asset Management Leader

Success Story 

Scalefocus partnered with a fintech trailblazer in Trade Finance to replace their existing system with a holistic solution for large-scale corporate transactions. To find the best technology approach and address inefficiencies causing negative trends, our team worked in constant collaboration with the client. In under a year, the Scalefocus team managed to build a cutting-edge cloud-native platform for the Trade Finance market.


Full Re-engineering of the Technical Infrastructure


Holistic Multi-Solution Platform for Trade Finance


Blockchain Utility Facilitating Information Exchange

The Client

Our client is a global provider of illiquid asset management streamlining trading and operations for Banks, Corporates and Insurance companies. Their system digitizes three asset classes – Trade Finance, Insurance and Loans. The idea behind the platform, in essence, is to improve working capital for its clients. Since its inception in 2016, the company’s trade volume has exceeded $100B.

The Solution

We started with MVPs for Supply Chain and Entitlements to focus on core functionalities to stay on track and make better development decisions in the long run. We chose Azure for the main platform as well as for our client’s separate blockchain utility for digitizing manual assets and decentralizing trading. We also developed a White Label Solution enabling corporate clients to deliver the platform’s services to their own clients with new branding.

  • New log-in capability with a single sign-in;

  • Account Receivables marketplace for corporate debt;

  • Entitlements portal managing user permissions and platform access;

  • Post-trade Settlement module managing incoming and outgoing payments;

  • Supply Chain Financing where funders finance suppliers and buyer receivables;

  • Trade Credit Insurance marketplace where IPs request insurance quotes from multiple ICs.


In a time of unprecedented market turbulence, we built an agile platform with intuitive interface, in which one legal agreement allows large-scale transactions with all parties. This next-generation network makes it as simple as a few clicks to safely buy or sell assets in multi-million-dollar Trade Finance deals. To ensure continued growth, our development plan over the next year will focus on offering more trading protocols and available currencies as well as integrating new asset classes.

  • Complete visual revamp;

  • One holistic platform with solutions for working capital finance and insurance;

  • Access to a wide liquidity pool of diverse funders and insurers;

  • Greater operational and transaction.

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, e-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution

Finance & Banking

Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution

Continuous Security Posture Assessment of a Leading Fintech Company

Finance & Banking

Continuous Security Posture Assessment of a Leading Fintech Company

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Scalefocus exists to bring innovative tech-centric software solutions, which exceed client expectations and bring excellent, scalable results.

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