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Finance & Banking

Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution

Success Story 

Cutting-edge startups in the FinTech industry are already experiencing hype due to the disruptive technologies that drive them. Rubarb is part of the startup eco-system in Germany, and wanted to introduce to the market a next-generation financial service mobile application. Its purpose is to blur the boundaries between wellness and savings and take the stress out of finance and investments, offering a holistic financial wellness solution accessible to everyone.   

They needed a technology partner with rich mobile development and FinTech expertise that understands the technical challenges behind app development and can come up with a strategic solution to overcome them. Scalefocus took complete ownership of the project and delivered end-to-end consultancy and solutions that resulted in a feature-rich app with engaging and intuitive UX, combined with easy and quick onboarding, and robust data protection.


29% User
Retention Rate


Smooth and
Intuitive UX


Reduced Software Development Costs

The Client

Rubarb is an exciting FinTech startup and the first player in Europe to offer ETF investments entirely for free without minimum purchase. The company takes the stress out of the investment equitation, empowering people to easily save and invest without any financial knowledge. Providing fully integrated and automated solutions accessible for free – a mix of financial services, gamification, and online community building in cooperation with the largest bank in Europe. Savings are invested only in sustainable business portfolios from iShares, the largest asset manager in the world. 

The Solution

As our name suggests, we remained focused on the client's main deliverables to reach the results they need. As a consultant and tech partner Scalefocus was involved in the entire solution development lifecycle – from requirements gathering to product delivery. We advised on the project management cycle and set delivery milestones to ensure that the hard deadline will be met. We consulted the client about choosing the right technology stack and the most appropriate architecture.  

Based on our rich mobile development and FinTech expertise, we performed a thorough analysis of the current trends, the existing competition in the niche, and their product offerings' functionalities. The next step was to organize UX workshops for Rubarb's team and outline the best practices in creating state-of-the-art mobile app.   

Together with the client's experts, our mobile development team delivered UI that was later described by the end-users as "golden". Vivid graphics and illustrations enhanced the user experience to turn a dry subject like investing into an exciting opportunity. An incredibly challenging issue for an investment app as content needs to be easily digestible but also engaging to promote further usage.  

The multi-step onboarding process was simplified and created a sense of trust in new users. At every step, they can see what is happening, their current progress, and what's next. The app removed the complexity of choosing individual investments, and the UX was designed to limit as much as possible the chance for simple misunderstandings of even basic features, protecting users from losing money due to misunderstandings of the functionalities. 

Rubarb app main functionalities:  

  • Three simple paths to savings – the app round ups what you pay online, and the digital “change” goes into your savings account, or you can go with a saving plan, or a one-time pay-ins 

  • Three levels of risk in your investments – you can choose from three investment strategies, depending on your appetite for risk  

  • Investments are made in ETFs - with a focus on sustainable financial products that avoid unsustainable industries 


The app was successfully deployed on the announced date and met Rubarb's and their end-users high-quality standards. We delivered elegant and intuitive UX, with a simplified onboarding process, security of transactions, and personal information, as per the strict regulatory requirements of the EU. Our team took complete ownership of the project and treated it as their own, working in close collaboration with the client, which led to:  

Key Business Results:  

  • Smooth and intuitive UX 

  • Simplified onboarding process 

  • Reduced software development costs 

  • High User Growth Rate with 0 marketing expenses 

  • 29% Retention Rate 

  • Accelerated growth of Assets Under Management  

  • 4.1 app store rating 

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, e-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

Next-Gen Digital Platform for an Illiquid Asset Management Leader

Finance & Banking

Next-Gen Digital Platform for an Illiquid Asset Management Leader

Continuous Security Posture Assessment of a Leading Fintech Company

Finance & Banking

Continuous Security Posture Assessment of a Leading Fintech Company

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