Career Growth

From candidate to colleague

What happens on the other side of the application process? Here’s what you can expect once you apply for a job at Scalefocus.

It is then a continuous and dynamic process involving opportunities for you.

Receive regular feedback and to progress rapidly in your career against clearly defined performance criteria and schedule.

Branch into several career types - Deep technical expertise (Solution Architecture, System Design); Delivery Management working closely with B2B customers; People Management leading and mentoring teams; Solutions & Product R&D.

Shift into consultancy, subject matter expert, technical, administrative or managerial role.

Work in a diverse environment with projects with a wide variety of technologies, industry business cases, engagement setups (from small teams for smaller customers, up to large squads for Fortune 500 & blue-chip companies), shorter stints and long marathons.


Lead Program

Scalefocus introduced one of its most important internal programs with the goal to stimulate and prompt people with leadership inclinations to grow that proclivity into action.

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